The Malvinas / Falklands Case – del Carril, Bonifacio

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del Carril, Bonifacio

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Editorial: CIGA, Buenos Aires
Año de publicación: 1982
Encuadernación: Rústica
Estado: Usado - Muy bueno
Edición: Primera edición
ISBN: 9500620286

The Malvinas / Falklands Case | del Carril, Bonifacio | CIGA | 504938

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85 páginas. First edition in English. Primera edición en inglés. Former Minister of Foreing Affairs in his country and Member of the National Academy of History, Dr. Bonifacio del Carril is a distinguished Argentina lawyer. In 1965 he was appointed Ambassador Extraordinary and Head of the Delegation to the United Nations in the Malvinas/Falklands case. During these sessions, Resolution 2065 was sanctioned, implementing the decisión on the granting of independence to colonial countries and peoples, which covers the case of the Malvinas Islands. The present work includes two previous studies on the subject by the author and his recent publication entitled: Towards a Way of Solution (April 23, 1982). It also includes some key documents which clarify the situation from a historical and political point of view. It has been published as a contribution to the enlightenment of this important international problem by the Industrial Graphic Chamber of Argentina. The English versión of Chapters I and II was revised by Dr. Guillermo Walter Klein Jr. Professor Carlos V. Frías has translated Chapter III.

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